When we feel ill we go to the doctors without hesitating, but when we see oral warning signs, such as a bit of blood in the sink when we spit after brushing, we often ignore them instead of making an appointment with our Lancaster dentist. Why is that? Is it because of a fear of dentists?  

If it is, you have nothing to worry about here at the Viva Dental practice in Morecambe. Our patients have received full training in how to deal with nervous patients. When nervous patients need dental procedures, we ensure that they are informed of every step of the process, so nothing unexpected is going to happen and in addition, they can be offered sedation on top of the anaesthetic.

Or perhaps you’re not booking that vital dental appointment, because of ignorance about how important your dental health is for your overall health? Gum disease can have dramatically serious consequences if left untreated. In its later stages it has been linked to diabetes, strokes and heart disease!

Why adults should have a check up at least annually

The National Smile Month survey revealed that 25% of the British population had not visited a dentist within the last 2 years. We don’t know how many of these people were registered with a practice. If your Lancaster dentist isn’t checking your teeth annually, how can you be sure that you don’t still have food deposits remaining on your teeth after you’ve brushed them?

Even with the best brushing technique in the world, there might be few meal times in a year, when the deposits get trapped behind tooth surfaces that are hard to reach with your toothbrush. What occurs, when this happens? Those food deposits will likely start to decay your teeth, especially if they contain sugars of any kind.

Having an annual dental check up, will ensure that your teeth remain free from decay, so you don’t have to have fillings, or even risk losing a tooth. It will also ensure that your gums remain healthy. If you need emergency treatment of any kind, you won’t have to pay an inflated price for an emergency dentist, whose practice you may need to join before you can be seen, delaying the whole process of having your tooth pain investigated and resolved.

If you’re not worried about losing your own teeth, you should be worried about your children losing theirs prematurely. 50% of children have reportedly started school these past few year, already showing some signs of tooth decay.

We can teach your kids some great brushing techniques to help them keep their own teeth healthy, as well as be there for them as soon as tooth decay presents itself. Please give us a call to find out how you can become a patient at our Morecambe practice.