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How to make the most of your teeth whitening treatment!

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So many of us want a brighter, whiter smile. Whether that’s from celebrity influence or an insecurity you’ve had for a considerable amount of time, it’s a very popular wish. White teeth look much healthier and youthful then stained, yellow teeth which can develop over time. At Viva Dental, we offer a teeth whitening treatment to transform your smile. But the results can only last as long as you look after your teeth once leaving our practice. The longevity of your results are very much dependent on which foods you choose to eat, what you decide to drink and the frequency of which you brush and clean your teeth.

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The difference between Veneers and Crowns

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A question we’re sometimes asked by patients is whether they should opt for a dental veneer instead of a dental crown or whether the two restorations are even comparable.

The first thing to remember is that your cosmetic dentist will give you their recommendations based on what they believe will give you the best outcomes for the specific issue that needs to be addressed. In some cases, however, you may be given the choice between a dental veneers or a dental crown. How do they compare?

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How To Care For Your Dentures

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Have you recently had dentures fitted? If so, it’s important to know how to properly care for them. In this post, we’ll go through our top tips for looking after your new false teeth and helping them las, from recommendations on how and when to clean them, to things to avoid and key things to remember.

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Maintaining your teeth whitening results

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So the time has come and gone for your treatment and your teeth are glistening, showing them off to everyone and receiving unlimited praise. But, now the first few days are over you’re probably wondering how to keep them sparkling and how to maintain them? Look no further as we’ve compiled a few tips for you below in maintaining your teeth whitening results for as long as possible.

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Dental implants or dentures?

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Both being very popular in regard to filling a gap in your teeth, with one being more permanent than the other, you’re probably wondering what the differences are between dental implants and dentures and which one is best suited to you? Here at Viva Dental in Lancaster, we provide the option for either treatment or hope to help you make a decision by listing which one is best for you below.

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How our dental practice supports you

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It’s really important that you have healthcare professionals in your life that you feel you can trust, otherwise you may not feel comfortable visiting them and ignore the signs that something is wrong. As a team of empathetic dentists and dental hygienists, we want you to feel comfortable at our dental practice, which is why we’ve created plans and services to best support our patients, whatever their needs may be.

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Dental health tips from your dentist

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Did you know there is a method, a technique, to brushing your teeth? Well, if you didn’t then now you do! We’re going to be sharing with you some seemingly mundane facts that could actually transform your dental health and how you brush your teeth. Implement these steps, and you could enjoy much healthier teeth. Here are some tops tips from dentist for your teeth cleaning routine!

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Loose adult teeth: advice from your dentist

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As a child, there was nothing more exciting than a loose tooth. A loose tooth meant the prospect of it falling out shortly so that you may place it under the pillow, try desperately to fall asleep, and wake up to a shiny coin from the tooth fairy in the morning! What’s better than that? Sadly, loose adult teeth herald much more worry, frustration, and panic than a wobbly child’s tooth, as this means there could be something amiss. With no tooth waiting in the wings to take the place of the loose tooth, you’re risking a gap in your smile. Let’s explore some of the reasons a loose adult tooth could develop and what your dentist and dental hygienist can do to help you.

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What your dentist wants you to know about smoking

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Smoking is incredibly common in the UK. It’s estimated that around 9.4 million adults in the UK smoke, but we’re willing to bet that not all of these people realise what it’s doing to their dental health. Our dentist in Lancaster wants to shed some light on what smoking could be doing to your health.

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When were dental implants invented?

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Like all good dental treatment, dental implants have been a long road of discovery and refinement. Before you could find reliable and permanent tooth implants in Lancaster, you could find them miles away in different countries and in much more different forms… They weren’t always the relatively risk-free and comfortable procedure they are now! When were dental implants invented, and when was the first tooth implant ever recorded?

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