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How To Transform Your Smile With Teeth Whitening

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You’ve printed your flight tickets, scheduled an itinerary of activities for each day and planned every outfit from the shoes to the sunglasses but still don’t feel 100% prepared for your upcoming holiday. Many of us like to book in a haircut, nail appointment or pedicure before we go away, but if you want to look your best this summer why not try Teeth Whitening at Viva Dental?

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What Is Hygiene Therapy? | Viva Dental

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With family, work and social commitments, it is easy to let your health take the back seat. Although you may assume your oral health is more than satisfactory, because you’re brushing twice a day and perhaps flossing, you could be suffering from an infection without your knowledge. At Viva Dental, we offer Hygiene Therapy to our patients, to give them trustworthy, tailored advice, piece of mind that they are protected against infection, and the ability to live their lives to the fullest in the knowledge that they have expert-level care to support them. Read More…

How To Maintain A Healthy Mouth

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It’s easy to believe we know everything there is to know about dental hygiene. Brushing twice a day and avoiding sugary food and drinks are things we are informed about from infancy, but there’s more to your oral hygiene that meets the eye. Viva Dental are always happy to provide patients with trustworthy information and support, and have expert Hygiene Therapists within their skilful team. With that in mind, what are the best ways to maintain a healthy mouth?

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5 reasons for regular dental care

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If you take good care of your teeth by brushing twice a day, every day, then there’s a good chance you’ve sailed through life up until this point avoiding tooth pain. However, the very fact that you’re reading this indicates that you may suspect you have a need for a new dentist. What has changed recently? Perhaps you have moved house, become disillusioned with your previous dentist, or perhaps it’s been so many years since you saw a dentist that now you need one, you’re having to make a decision about which dental practice to join. If it’s the latter reason, you’re not alone.

The National Smile Survey indicates that 25% of UK citizens haven’t visited the dentist in the past two years, (you probably don’t want to hear this – but if you had seen your dentist more regularly, you probably wouldn’t be experiencing the dental issues you have right now!).

  1. Regular dentist visits will keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy, but what does this actually mean? After all, you may have managed for years on brushing alone, without running into any problems. Here is an overview of how visiting the dentist regularly can stop you becoming a high risk candidate for a number of essential, invasive and ultimately unpleasant dental procedures.

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How To Prevent Gum Disease

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The NHS website informs us that most people in the UK have gum disease to some extent and that just about everybody will experience it at least once in their lives, so what actually is it? If you don’t manage to successfully brush away all the food deposits left on your teeth through regular, thorough brushing, the food deposits which remain will turn into plaque.

Plaque is a sticky film that covers the teeth and contains lots of different bacteria. When plaque hardens it turns into tartar, which becomes particularly problematic around the gum line, causing inflammation of the gums. The symptoms you’ll notice first are that your gums are swollen, red and bleeding. You might notice blood in the sink when you rinse after brushing your teeth. You might also notice that you have bad breath, as this is another sign.

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Private dentist in Lancaster

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There are private dental practices all over the UK offering a similar sort of service, but what if you wanted something better than average; better than the norm? Here at the Viva Dental practice in Lancaster we pride ourselves on exceeding the expectations of our patients. We don’t want you to be just happy with the treatments and care you receive, we want you to be thrilled by them.  Read More…

TMJ Problems and How You Can Prevent Them

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Temporomandicular joint pain can be utterly miserable. These joints between the lower jaw and the skull often hurt when your jaw has been injured or your teeth are misaligned. This is known as TMJ pain and can present you with a whole range of different frustrating symptoms. Headaches, pain in the ear or face, difficulty chewing or opening the jaw, all accompanied by clicking or popping noises, can occur as a result. For many sufferers seeking relief is a top priority.

The first place to seek advice about this condition is your dentist. Here at the Viva Dental clinic in Lancaster, we see a lot of patients who are fed up of trying the manage the associated pain they’re experiencing and in a lot of cases we can help. Part of an orthodontist’s remit is solving bite problems and if your bite is causing your TMJ, we can work to align it.

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Tips and Tricks For New Denture Wearers

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If you’ve lost a tooth, or multiple teeth, dentures are the perfect solution. They provide you with effective replacement teeth to help you eat with ease, speak clearly and smile with confidence. Here at the Viva Dental practice in Lancaster, our team of talented dental surgeons are experts in providing dentures that are comfortable to wear, won’t shift around in your mouth and will work efficiently. Read More…

The ultimate toothpaste guide from your dentist in Lancaster

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The Lancaster marketplace is awash with hundreds of different brands of toothpaste. Some focus on removing plaque, while others claim to make your teeth whiter. Some will reduce your sensitivity to extremes of temperature, while others say they’ll protect your teeth from gum disease.

If you have discoloured teeth, you’re more likely to choose a whitening brand, whereas if your teeth tingle when you eat hot soup, you may be more likely to opt for the sensitive types. You’ll be able to find a toothpaste that claims it contains the antidote to whatever bothers you about your teeth, but is this a marketing trick? Do toothpaste actually all contain the same ingredients, just different packaging?

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Advantages of joining our Viva Dental membership.

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Are you looking for private dental care in Kendal and Lancaster? Perhaps you need treatments that are not available on the NHS, such as a smile makeover, braces that will straighten your teeth, whitening treatment to brighten your smile and dental implants? Or maybe you’re simply looking for a friendly local family practice where you can get chipped or cracked teeth repaired, as well as be provided with a full range of great quality general dentistry services.

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