At Viva Dental, we believe that there is no better substitute for your own teeth. However, there are times when keeping what nature gave you will seriously limit your lifestyle. Thanks to great advances in dental technology, dental implants are an incredibly strong and durable alternative to your natural teeth. With years of experience, we can guarantee that your mouth is in safe hands during every step of your journey to a new smile.

The first step in beginning your journey to a new smile is the initial consultation at Viva Dental, Lancashire. It’s in this consultation that we can fully assess your mouth, teeth and jaw for their strength and suitability for the implant procedure. During the appointment, we will explain all of your options and will outline your full treatment plan. Our principal dental surgeon will proceed to also take an x-ray of your mouth and jaw. This is to examine its strength, as the dental implant will be screwed into your jaw bone – this is what makes it so strong and durable. Finally, we will take a mould of your mouth. This is to ensure that the dental implant will fit your mouth perfectly.

Once we know that you’re suitable for dental implants, we will send off your mould and your dental implants will be constructed. The second step, is the insertion procedure. The procedure itself will consist of our dental surgeon making an incision into your gums, followed by them inserting the titanium screw directly onto your jawbone. The titanium screw is the base to your implant, with the porcelain tooth replacement being inserted at a later date. The procedure itself is a relatively small and straightforward procedure, that is completed under local anaesthetic. We encourage all of our patients to speak up if they are particularly nervous about the procedure, as the option of sedation can be explored with your dental surgeon. We support any patient who is especially nervous or fearful going into the surgery and will do all we can to accommodate their needs or requests.

After the insertion procedure, we need to allow time for your jawbone to fuse with the titanium screw. This part of the process is called the ‘integration’ process, and it is absolutely vital to the entire dental implant treatment. It’s this bonding experience that guarantees the strength of your implant – the factor that makes it so lifechanging for the recipient. This step can take anywhere between 6 weeks to 6 months, as it is dependent on the strength of the patient’s jawbone. In between this stage and getting the replacement porcelain teeth, temporary dentures or crowns can be fitted onto the implant as to eliminate any discomfort or change to your lifestyle.

Once your dental surgeon is confident that integration is complete, your permanent dental implants can be fitted! These permanent replacements have been shaped and colour matched to your natural teeth. The finished look is incredibly natural, meaning only those who you choose to tell will know you’ve had the procedure.

The final step is your long-term care and maintenance. Although tooth implants are an incredible replacement for broken or damaged natural teeth, they do still require an element of maintenance, just like you would with your own teeth. And the requirements are just the same as with your own teeth; brushing twice a day and flossing once a day. Once your treatment is complete, it is essential that you attend all following check-ups and hygienist appointments.


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