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The dental implant process

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At Viva Dental, we believe that there is no better substitute for your own teeth. However, there are times when keeping what nature gave you will seriously limit your lifestyle. Thanks to great advances in dental technology, dental implants are an incredibly strong and durable alternative to your natural teeth. With years of experience, we can guarantee that your mouth is in safe hands during every step of your journey to a new smile.

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Your dentist wants you to warn you about these foods

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Food, glorious food! Not only can we not live without it, but we can enjoy all manner of textures and densities thanks to our teeth. Whether our snack is crisp, crunchy, or chewy, our teeth help us grind it down into manageable chunks and ensure our body doesn’t go without. Your dentist even enjoys their share of treating themselves, but they’d like to warn you about certain groups…

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How dental implants with Viva Dental can improve your teeth

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It only takes 17 muscles to smile, but it can feel like a whole lot more if you’re not confident in your grin or feel self-conscious about your missing teeth. If you’re using the 43 muscles it takes to frown more than you are smiling, then maybe you’re already considering dental implants. Don’t hide your teeth when you smile, shy away in group photos, or be embarrassed about your missing teeth – feel confident again with dental implants in Lancashire from Viva Dental.

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3 Steps to achieve a beautiful smile in Morecombe

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Do you know why you should never settle for an inferior smile? Not only do the more attractive smiles get all the attention in the dating game, according to numerous surveys, but they also get their owners promoted or hired over other co-workers and candidates. This might not seem fair, but we don’t make the rules! We can, however, make beautiful smiles, right here at our dental practice in Morecambe.

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How Can I Treat My Missing Teeth in Lancaster?

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When you struggle with damaged or missing teeth it can affect every aspect of your daily life. From pain and discomfort when eating, to a knock in your self-esteem, the side effects are hard to hide. But Viva Dental are proud to offer patients with missing teeth in Lancaster a long-lasting, well-trusted dental solution, with proven effectiveness.

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Why Dental Implants Are So Popular in Lancaster

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One of the most famous features of the winter season are the festive foods! However, tucking into tasty treats can be less than enjoyable when you’re battling against damaged or missing teeth. Viva Dental Practice in Carnforth, Lancashire are dedicated to ensuring that all our patients get a taste of the festive season without the discomfort of tooth loss and dental damage. One of the most popular remedies to eliminate this pain is our innovative Dental Implant treatment – but why? Read More…

Do I Really Need Dental Implants?

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As the festive party season approaches, we get ready for family events and parties with friends. However, when you are missing teeth or suffer from dental damage these kinds of social settings can be unsettling; even having a picture taken can seem daunting. But now you no longer need to accept your missing teeth and the discomfort that can accompany them. At Viva Dental, we have vast experience in restorative dentistry and always work with our patients to give them the confidence of a beautiful smile. We recommend Dental Implants as a solution; but what are they – and do you really need them?

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How Natural Do Dental Implants Look?

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Dental Implants are a trusted remedy to lessen the effects of tooth loss, with the treatment in practice for over 40 years. Each Implant at Viva Dental has a screw foundation produced from titanium, that connects to the jaw bone to substitute the root of the natural tooth. As Implants are connected to the patient’s jaw, they provide a durable and reliable foundation for artificial teeth. Despite having elements of titanium, our Dental Implants are carefully designed to look natural and undetectable.

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