You’ve printed your flight tickets, scheduled an itinerary of activities for each day and planned every outfit from the shoes to the sunglasses but still don’t feel 100% prepared for your upcoming holiday. Many of us like to book in a haircut, nail appointment or pedicure before we go away, but if you want to look your best this summer why not try Teeth Whitening at Viva Dental?

If you suffer from discoloured or stained teeth it can make you feel less confident about your appearance, and hold back in social situations due to hiding your smile. But discolouration is a common issue and nothing to be ashamed of. There can be many factors to involved in the staining of teeth including diet, smoking, and the natural ageing process, so you should not feel ashamed of this problem. At Viva Dental, our teeth whitening treatments are fast, easy and flexible around your lifestyle, so you don’t have to take your insecurities on holiday with you.

Teeth Whitening at with Viva Dental allows you to fit the transformative treatment around your lifestyle. One of the Viva Dental whitening treatments is an in-clinic treatment, where we take impressions of your teeth, followed by a second appointment which lasts no more than 2 hours, giving you the chance to relax whilst we transform your smile.

In addition, we offer a home-whitening service, allowing you to under-go the procedure at a time and place that suits you. After having impressions of your teeth taken, you can collect your bespoke whitening tray and gels, and a comprehensive guide to the treatment. We use Zoom Advanced Power within our Teeth Whitening service which is the market leader in the UK and the US. Zoom whitening includes home trays and a tube of top-up gel, which when used as directed by your dentist can prevent long-term colour change!
You can expect a fantastic result, as the treatment has the capability to brighten your teeth to up to 12 shades lighter, with some results lasting up to 2 years. The teeth whitening procedure develops in under two weeks, making it the perfect pre-holiday treatment to make you feel confident, and beautiful.

If you have any further questions about Teeth Whitening at Viva Dental, or wonder if it would suit you, please don’t hesitate to contact our friendly, skilful team; who will be happy to provide you with more information or book you in for a consultation.