Dental implants are securely fitted replacement teeth that take the place of whole teeth you have lost. Recent search data has shown that 150,000 searches for the term ‘dental implant’ took place on UK computers and mobile phones last month alone, so there are a certainly a few of you who may benefit.

If you have lost a whole tooth through accident, injury or infection, a dental implant will fit into the gap, where the original tooth was and look just like a natural tooth. It will help you to eat your food comfortably, distributing your chewing motions more evenly over the rest of your teeth, so additional uneven wear and tear does not occur, and it should help you speak more clearly too, if you’ve been suffering from speech problems due to losing a tooth.

Please bear in mind that if you have only lost part of a tooth, then there may be a better, alternative treatment than having that damaged tooth removed. Upon examination, the dentist here at our Morecambe practice in Lancaster will be able to see whether a crown fitted over the top of your cracked tooth, or even just a veneer (if the damage is just slight) would be better.

Fitting a dental implant

As the root of a dental implant must integrate with the jawbone, there must be enough jawbone present in the mouth and be of sufficient quality, in order for osseointegration to take place. The jawbone may begin to atrophy as soon a tooth has left the mouth. When you come and visit us here in Lancaster for your consultation, the dentists will assess whether preparatory bone work is needed.

If no extra bone grafting is required, than you can have the implant fitting procedure. This should take 1 to 2 hours and will involve an abutment being placed into the top to fix a temporary ceramic crown to it. You gum needs to heal and the implant needs to fuse with the bone before your permanent crown can be attached.

To find out more about the dental implants we supply here at Viva Dental in Morecambe, please give our reception team a call to book your consultation. We’ll be able to answer any further questions you may have.