Do you know why you should never settle for an inferior smile? Not only do the more attractive smiles get all the attention in the dating game, according to numerous surveys, but they also get their owners promoted or hired over other co-workers and candidates. This might not seem fair, but we don’t make the rules! We can, however, make beautiful smiles, right here at our dental practice in Morecambe.

Whatever it is that frustrates you most about your smile, we can fix. Whether you have a tooth missing, broken teeth, or teeth which are discoloured, we can help. We’ll also make sure you have fresh breath at the same time, so when you get close to your boss, or your date, your smile smells as good as it looks! Here are our top tips for achieving a perfect smile:

  1. Fix your broken teeth: Don’t put up with chips or cracks if you don’t have to. Veneers and crowns can restore your teeth in a natural looking way and in addition to this, they will strengthen these vulnerable teeth to ensure the damage doesn’t get any worse.
  2. Brighten your teeth: Drinking too much coffee and tea, or eating too much curry, can stain your teeth. Given that teeth naturally discolour with age anyway, there’s a good chance your teeth will benefit from a whitening treatment. Here at our dental practice in Lancaster, we offer a professional whitening service, which will provide you with predictable results and long-lasting effects. Whiter teeth can have a rejuvenating effect. Don’t miss out.
  3. Replace missing teeth: Is there a gap in your teeth that forces you to smile with closed lips whenever the camera is pointed in your direction? Are you embarrassed because you have a tooth missing? The dental implant is a permanent tooth replacement that will look just like the tooth you lost. Your smile will be complete again and beautiful with an implant in place. If you have several teeth in a row missing, you could always go for the dental implant supported dentures which will give you a bridge of prosthetic teeth, anchored in place with an implant at either end.
  4. White fillings are less prominent than metal fillings: If you want your fillings to remain undetected when you open your mouth, why not switch to the more discreet white variety?
  5. Maintain a healthy mouth: A beautiful smile depends heavily on you keeping your mouth healthy through regular dentist visits to our Lancaster dental practice. We’ll ensure your gums don’t bleed or become swollen and red with the early stages of gum disease and we’ll make sure your teeth don’t suffer from decay either.

Interested in transforming your smile here in Morecombe? Why not give this Lancaster dental practice call and book your first consultation with us to find out just how beautiful we can make your smile?