With family, work and social commitments, it is easy to let your health take the back seat. Although you may assume your oral health is more than satisfactory, because you’re brushing twice a day and perhaps flossing, you could be suffering from an infection without your knowledge. At Viva Dental, we offer Hygiene Therapy to our patients, to give them trustworthy, tailored advice, piece of mind that they are protected against infection, and the ability to live their lives to the fullest in the knowledge that they have expert-level care to support them.

Only 9% of men and 11% of women have certified ‘excellent’ oral health, whilst 48% of the population say they are unhappy with their teeth. At Viva Dental, we endeavour to keep our patients out of negative statistics and offer an extensive range of treatments to combat dental issues, including Hygiene Therapy.

Hygiene therapy sessions are tailored to your personal health, and look at factors such as lifestyle, existing conditions and your current oral health routine to produce the most effective plan to combat your risks of contracting plaque, tooth decay and gum disease. When you visit your hygiene therapist, you will be given a professional cleaning session, that will not only look and feel fantastic but protect you against the early stages of infection.

Regular hygiene therapy sessions are proven to cut the risks of gum disease, tooth decay and the build-up of plaque. In fact, by spotting the signs of tooth decay early, it may be possible to treat the problem without the need for drilling or needles.

Why Choose Viva Dental?

The friendly, knowledgeable and skilful team at our warm and welcoming practice have years of experience in dental health. We take pride in offering exceptional care and creating a calm and relaxed atmosphere at our practice, which is easily accessible from Kendal, Lancaster and Carnforth Railway Station.

If you are looking to improve your oral hygiene, prevent infection and feel secure in the knowledge your teeth are expertly cared for, why not reach out to our friendly team of experts? We will be happy to answer any questions, and provide you with any additional information necessary.