It’s estimated that nearly every adult is currently experiencing or has experienced gum disease in one form or another. In whichever severity, be it the beginnings of gingivitis or the slightly scarier periodontitis, nearly everyone has been touched by it. The ironic thing about its commonality is that it is entirely preventable and treatable. Beginning with the mild gingivitis and worsening to threat of tooth loss with periodontitis, gum disease could be stopped in its tracks almost as soon as it begins. We believe many people don’t recognise or choose to ignore the symptoms of gum disease because they think it is nothing to worry about. We’re here to spread the word of good dentistry and share knowledge with you on the signs, causes, and prevention methods of gum disease.

These are the symptoms of gum disease

The milder symptoms that come with the beginnings of gum disease, gingivitis, include red, puffy, and swollen gums that are possibly beginning to recede from the gums. Because these symptoms start off mild, they often go unnoticed and unchecked. Increased sensitivity to touch, brushing, and eating also follow, as does bleeding when brushing. The taste of blood when flossing and brushing or seeing it in your tooth paste when you spit it into the sink are the signs you need to be looking out for. The build-up of bacteria at the base of the teeth and in gum pockets causes bad breath, too, something you may never have considered. These early symptoms quickly worsen when proper oral hygiene isn’t maintained, which they often tend to do when their warnings aren’t heeded.


How gum disease develops

So, let’s dive in to why gum disease develops, which also sheds light on how best to combat it. The accumulation of dental plaque between and around the teeth is the leading cause of gum disease, because this causes the formulation of excessive dental plaque. This build-up sticks to the surface of your teeth and eats away at your teeth’s protective enamel and also irritates the gums. The irritation it causes triggers a protective response from your body, causing inflammation and sometimes even attacking the infected gum tissue. When this occurs, our teeth lose the support of the gums as they recede and weaken, leading to them becoming loose and wobbly. Left to its own devices, plaque hardens into tartar which is only able to be removed professionally. Tartar collects between the teeth and on the bottom of them, resting just atop of the gums, which worsens their sensitivity and inflammation. This is how the develop of periodontitis, a more serious form of gum disease, occurs.


Preventing gum disease

Preventing and even treating gum disease is best trusted to the skilled and qualified hands of our Viva Dental hygienists in Carnforth. These are the professionals that remove the hardened tartar from your teeth that cause periodontitis and they have plenty of advice just waiting to be shared. They’ll even spot some of the symptoms that you don’t, alerting you to early warning signs and how best to proceed with both in-practice and at-home care. Brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and using anti-septic mouthwash will also help the maintenance of proper dental health. Not only does this ensure gum health, but it also helps to prevent your teeth from becoming loose.


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