So many of us want a brighter, whiter smile. Whether that’s from celebrity influence or an insecurity you’ve had for a considerable amount of time, it’s a very popular wish. White teeth look much healthier and youthful then stained, yellow teeth which can develop over time. At Viva Dental, we offer a teeth whitening treatment to transform your smile. But the results can only last as long as you look after your teeth once leaving our practice. The longevity of your results are very much dependent on which foods you choose to eat, what you decide to drink and the frequency of which you brush and clean your teeth.

Which foods are more likely to stain my teeth?

There are many foods and drinks which could prove to be detrimental to the long-lasting results of your teeth whitening treatment. Discolouration occurs when your tooth enamel – the protective, outer shell which we see when someone smiles, becomes superficially stained. A build-up of this staining can become permanent, despite regular brushing. It’s at this point, that many people turn to a professional tooth whitening treatment, like the one offered at Viva Dental.

We would recommend you avoiding excessive amounts of these foods and beverages:


Tea and Coffee

This entry may cause a gasp from some, as many of us admittedly cannot start the day without some form of caffeine. However, if you’ve spent money and time on getting your teeth whitened, constant teas and coffees will undo much of the dentist’s work. The stronger you have your tea also effects how strongly the beverage will stain your teeth. Coffee also is highly pigmented, meaning it’ll latch onto your teeth for dear life, staining your new smile. Cut back on your caffeinated beverages, and you could save your whiteness.



Although listed as a much-loved dish by the nation, curry is awful for undoing the results of your teeth whitening treatment. The various spices in the curry create an amazing taste, but they love your teeth as well as your taste buds. The deep reds and yellows often found in currys can be extremely tough to remove from your teeth if consumed enough, so maybe choose a different takeaway option next time.


Red and white wine

This one may hurt, but wine is a big cause for teeth staining and acidity wearing away your enamel. Red wine is exceptionally bad for staining your teeth. This is because it contains ‘tannin’, a brown substance more commonly found in the skins of varying fruits. Tannin gives wine it’s flavour and deep colour, but it’s this colour that will remove your white smile over time. But choosing white wine instead doesn’t keep you out of the woods! Out of the two options, white wine actually has the highest amount of acid concentration. This means that your enamel is very vulnerable to being worn away, exposing the yellow dentin beneath your white upper layer.


Citrus fruits

Although very good for our general health, acidic fruits such as limes, oranges and lemons can stain your teeth over time. Their high levels of acid, like white wine, mean that they will erode your tooth enamel. This exposes the yellow dentin beneath your newly whitened smile, leaving you with a mouth that’s slightly yellow. Thus, wasting your money and time on your teeth whitening treatment.


How do I make the most of my teeth whitening treatment?

In order to make your shine last as long as possible, you need to regularly clean your teeth and cut back on those treats which can dull your smile. The results of our teeth whitening treatment at Viva Dental are amazing, something we’re very proud of. But how long these will last are entirely dependent on your commitment to your aftercare. If giving up your morning coffee or the glass of wine with dinner, then the best option is to drink them quickly. The longer you savour the beverage, the longer it’s exposed to your white enamel.


If you’re considering teeth whitening at Viva Dental, we’d love to welcome you for an appointment. You can contact us on 01524 735 431, or by using our easy online booking form. We can’t wait to brighten your smile!